P&S Camera: Controlling Aperture and Shutter Speed

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There are two options to explore if you have not moved on to a DSLR. The first and the most obvious is to upgrade to the DSLR. If you cannot or do not want to do that right now there are ways to trick a Point & Shoot (P&S camera) into taking the photographs the way you want. We will explore both options in this tutorial and you can consider which is best for you.

1. Of course, the easiest would be to upgrade if you want to be able to control shutter speed and aperture. This is the road to better photographs or, you can do a few things with your P&S camera but they are very limited.

By upgrading you not only get control over these settings but you can also control all of the settings individually for each shot and gain other controls like AEB. Read the article on Automatic Exposure Bracketing here. You will also have the ability to add other lenses, shoot in full Manual Mode and control all of the elements such as White Balance, Exposure, and ISO.

Another option, although one I would not consider is an upgraded P&S camera. My reasoning is because the cost difference between a high-quality P&S camera with the settings you want and a DSLR is little to none.

2. Learn and use the tricks available to get the P&S camera to do a little more of what you want it to do and less of what it is setup to do. The camera was designed to always be used as a Full Auto camera allowing it to make all the decisions on its own. The newer cameras of this variety do come with some basic settings and shooting modes. This lets you tell the camera whether it is sunny or cloudy, how bright the day is so you do have a small amount of control in telling the camera what you need to get a good photo.

Most of the modes the P&S camera support are Macro, Movies, Sports, Landscape, and Portrait. These adjust the Aperture and Shutter speed to help make a better photograph based on the type of photography you are trying to capture. If you want more Depth of Field you can shoot in Landscape regardless of what type of photography you are really taking. Shooting in Portrait will accomplish a shallow Depth of Field.

Playing with these Modes will allow you to see what each does and you can set those to the correct choice for the type of photograph you are trying to take.

Here are a few things to consider.

Shallow Depth of Fields – choose Portrait.
Deeper Depth of Fields – choose Landscape.
Fast Shutter Speed – choose Sports
Slow Shutter Speed – choose Night

These still do not allow for the choices you really need to fine tune but they do give you a little more control than Full Auto. For any more than this, you will need to start saving money for the DSLR Upgrade.

Thank you for reading, if you have questions or input please choose to Comment below.

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