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One of the major drawbacks to me with Digital Photography was the increased shutter time or Shutter Lag Time. There is a large amount of time from pushing to the Shutter Button to the actual time the photograph is taken. This can be a large drawback to photographers and especially wildlife and portrait photographers. I began to hate this problem and knew there had to be a solution.

We got our first DSLR camera which took a 3.5 Floppy Disk to store the photos. We have been digital photographers since that time evolving through a number of cameras. We are currently using a Nikon d7000 and a d7100 with multiple Sigma and Nikon lenses.

The current DSLR cameras have done a lot to combat the issue and there is little to no lag with that type of camera. The digital cameras have even reduced the average shutter lag time to half seconds to a quarter second or less. However, the issue is still there for even the more advanced Point and Shoot cameras.

Tip on Eliminating Shutter Lag Time

Digital cameras take a few seconds prior to actually being ready to capture an image. The time lapse between pressing the button on the camera and the picture actually getting snapped is called the lag time which is the cause of the problem. If you are taking photos, especially of wildlife, with this type of camera you should Pre-Focus on the scene. That way you can be ready for the shot when it presents itself.

Frame the scene and push the Shutter Button halfway down. Continue to hold the button that way until you get exactly the scene you want then continue the shot. Using this technique there will be no shutter lag time in the shot and you will have what you intended to shoot. A simple Pre-Focus is one cure to these lag time photographs.

Another option is using Burst mode. This is when your digital camera captures several images, one right after another and allowing you to select the pictures that you want. This reduces the total amount of lag time by eliminating refocusing and repositioning of the image.

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