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We have been working for almost a year on our new 5 Minute Editing System. We are still not ready to go public with it but this is a short workflow example of what anyone can accomplish with their photographs.

We see beautiful images and often wonder how other photographers can take those great photos. Many times a photograph does not have to be great to make a nice image. In this example, I took a drab washed out image of the Avignon Cathedral and applied the new system and brushes. These are the snapshots of before and after about 5 minutes of work.

This is a photo that was taken in early morning and was finished in Lightroom with the 5 Minute Editing System we created. As with all photos we first export them to Topaz to Denoise and Sharpen if necessary. After the photos are back in Lightroom we set Black and White Balance. This can easily be done by holding the Alt Key down and moving the appropriate slider left or right until you see the image start to display in color. The proper settings are just as you see the first hint of the image on your screen. We then created the finished image with these steps.

Original Raw Image

Original Image

Image 2

Image 2 ARTT Quick Edit Presets Applied1 Click Preset – Death Valley Sunset
Preset – Exposure Brighten Shadows
Preset – Exposure More Contrast
Preset – Adjust Make It Pop
Preset – Adjust More Clarity
Preset – Adjust Vignette
Preset – Temp Warm Highlights

Image 3

Image 3 ARTT Quick Edit Brush Applications Applied
Brush – Color Yellow – Enhance Tree and Steeple and Store Front
Brush – Color Indigo – Enhance Blue Shutters and Church Windows
Brush – Exposure – For Brighter Sky

Image 4



  1. Thanks for the blog. As it takes hours to do a basic editing, the techniques witch are given in this blog are quite easy to learn. The editing can be done in 5 minutes. The new budding editor should follow your steps.in their editing process.Thanks a ton.

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