Should Photographers Have A Blog

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Of course, they do.  All photographers will accomplish a number of things once they start their own blog. They will be able to help others with tutorials and first-hand experience. By helping others you will gain respectability among your peers and students alike. It will provide a place to keep your information and work where it can be readily found by people who are interested in photography in general and who are interested in your work specifically.

What Is A Blog?

Simply put it is an online diary that includes your work, thoughts, good and bad experiences. A log that documents your day to day efforts and goals. Whether you are a professional or a beginner you can adapt your blog to your own goals and expectations.

Blogging Helps Notoriety

Photography is a visual medium that you can communicate with. This visual language is the end result of your work but it is not what will help you be found as a travel photographer. When you work in a specific area such as Wedding or Event Photography, it is easy to advertise in your community to be found. When you are a full-time travel photographer going around the world with a camera and a suitcase, you will need to take a different approach. The internet blog is that approach. These printed documents are what will help you be found.

Blogging For Branding

Your ‘brand” in photography is what makes your work unique to you and you alone. This brand conveys who you are, what you are like, what you like and dislike. It helps you share with the world who you really are. While this is something that you will have to discover, it is also an evolving factor that will change as you progress in a photography career. Some will be dictated by you and some by the people who hire you or purchase your work.

Blogging To Achieve Growth

A Blog is a tool not only to show your work but to get feedback on your work. You can show your work on your blog and on social media to get insights into what people like and don’t like so much. A way for you and your followers to interact with one another.

Blogging Tells More About You

A travel blogger has some connections but, in the world, there is often a communication gap. A blog online lets people communicate with you and find out who you really are and what you are about. What you share with others is given back to you 1000 fold. This will tell the people who communicate with you what kind of a person you really are.

Blogging As A Teaching Medium

I love photography but, I may love communicating and teaching photography to others even more. Letting people in and showing them what to do, then having them show you what they have learned in their work efforts is truly a good feeling. That advice lets people improve their work, the joy they get from this improvement is something you cannot achieve in your work efforts any other way.

Blogging For Marketing

To be honest, the only way you will find work as a travel photographer is to get up and go out and find it yourself. If you are in Malaysia it can be a little difficult to market yourself to tourism boards around the world. Blogging helps you achieve this and shows you how to become an online marketing expert. To become a successful business owner, which is the desired end result, it is something you will have to learn. Start a blog when you start your business and let you and the blog grow together.

This is a far easier way to convey your work than trying to only promote a gallery of your work. Many times people will hire the photographer based on who they are and what they know about the person. The blog is the way to get that message across to them.

What Platform To Use

There are several platform solutions but the largest and, in my opinion, the best is WordPress. The large galleries like SmugMug, Zenfolio, and Photoshelter are all setup for you to work hand in hand with your galleries. There are several other sources but this is by far the industry standard. There are ways to use a free blogging platform associated with WordPress but you “Do Not” want to do this even when starting out. You will want a personal domain and private blog associated with it from the outset.

Here are some of the benefits to using WordPress.

  1. Your Own Your Own Content
  2. You Are In Charge of Design
  3. It Never Stops Evolving
  4. Easy To Use
  5. Free Support
  6. You Choose All The Features

The platform is totally flexible and can be changed and redesigned by you as you like. There are 1000’s of free plugins that will help you turn your site into anything you like such as a membership site, online store or a site like Facebook. The choices are limitless considering that you can put together almost any combination of these plugins to get your desired effect.

The cost is relatively low so that anyone can afford one. You can get any type of template you want free of charge at Colorlib or if you want a little more you can get a premium template for less than $100 at StudioPress Theme of the Month – Market Theme.

For hosting WP Engine is the number one hosting source for all WordPress blogs. They are inexpensive, have features others do not, such as built-in CDN to speed up your site. Try them first for all of these added benefits. Month to month contracts and no sign-up fees! Enjoy flexibility with WP Engine.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, and we would earn a commission if you make a purchase. We have used the companies and we recommend them because they are reputable. If you are ready to make a purchase and would like to support this website in some way, using these links will help do exactly that. Everybody wins.


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