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City Streets Mix


24   1-Click Presets
37   Stax Presets
155   Stackable Layers
132   LR Brushes
Instant Download
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Handles RAW photos
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City Streets Mix

Whether you are shooting on modern city streets or in a historic or scenic town, with City Streets Mix you will have all of the right tools. They will give you the ability to easily create stunning images. Everyone has taken photos that have come out a little more flat or dull than they remembered when the photograph was taken. You will be using these presets to give color and life back to the buildings and their surroundings. You have your pick from multiple layered presets – that won’t cancel each other out – and brushes for local adjustments in our City Streets Mix. You will have access to 24   1-Click Presets, 37   Stax Presets, 155   Stackable Layers and all 132   Brushes to fine-tune any images.

The 5 Minute Editing System has created all the tools you will need for enhancing light, adjusting shadows, enriching colors, so you are able to share the experience of ‘that particular place’. Any photo can be edited in less than 5 minutes with the group of tools in this package. This will not only make editing easier but will also free up much more of your time to be in the field doing what we all love the most.

We also provide you with sample workflows on multiple images using the same tools you are receiving.

What Is Included In City Streets Mix

   24   1-Click Presets
   37   Stax Presets
132   Brushes

6   White Balance Layers
5   Stackable Levels Of Green Grass Layers (Most Often Used Color)
4   Stackable Punch and Power Layers
15   Stackable Spotlight Layers
4   Stackable Gradient Layers – 2 Warm and 2 Cool
39   Stackable Layers 5ME Toolkit
11   Stackable Detail Layers
37   Stackable Temperature and Saturation Layers
19   Stackable Color Layers
15   Stackable Vignette Layers

Total: 155   Stackable Layers

22   Dodge and Burn Brushes
22   Color Brushes
19   Details Brushes
11   Hazy Effect Brushes
10   Landscape Brushes
12   Lighting Effect Brushes
36   Portrait Brushes

Total: 132   Brushes

2 Circles - Before & After


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