Complete Lightroom Brush Set

Complete Set of Brushes


Instant Download
PC and Mac users
RAW & JPG photos
Works with All:
— 1-Click Presets
— Baseline Presets
— Stax Presets
— Stackable Layers


Complete Brush Set

Not sure what Lightroom Brushes are?
Actually, brushes work in the very same way as presets. The only difference is that they are applied locally. Think of the presets as a large paint roller which covers the entire image at once and the adjustment brushes as … well, as small brushes. You are able to make changes to an area of your photo as small as one blade of grass.

Why would you want only the brushes?
If you already purchased some basic presets or if you are perfectly happy with the presets that come within Lighroom, then by all means purchase our Complete Lightroom Brush Set. These will work perfectly with the presets you already have.

There are 130 brushes that covers most all of the adjustment you can make in Lightroom. We have workflows that show you how to use the brushes. Within the download you receive will be instructions on how to install the brushes. There is also a page in the Frequently Asked Questions HERE.


What Is Included In The Complete Lightroom Brush Set

22   Dodge and Burn Brushes
22   Color Brushes
19   Details Brushes
11   Hazy Effect Brushes
10   Landscape Brushes
12   Lighting Effect Brushes
36   Portrait Brushes

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