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HDR Mixed Collection


20   1-Click Presets
37   Stax Presets
155   Stackable Layers
132   Lightroom Brushes
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HDR Mixed Collection

Nothing ruins a good photograph like faded colors and the finer details of the photograph not looking as sharp and crisp as they could. Now you can create crisp and ultra sharp HDR images without having to shoot multiple images at different exposures. The HDR Mixed Collection Presets have been designed specifically for architecture, street and landscape photography. You will have all of the right tools, giving you the ability to easily create stunning images.

The 5 Minute Editing System has been set up so that any photo can be edited in less than 5 minutes with the group of tools in this package. This will not only make editing easier but will also free up much more of your time to be in the field doing what we all love the most.

This package contains every tool you will need to jump in and begin editing in a more time-effective manner. You will have access to the 20   1-Click Presets, 37   Stax Presets, 155   Stackable Layers and all 132   Brushes to fine-tune any images.

We also provide you with sample workflows on multiple images using the same tools you are receiving.

What Is Included In HDR Mixed Collection

  20   1-Click Presets
  37   Stax Presets
132   Brushes

6   White Balance Layers
5   Stackable Levels Of Green Grass Layers (Most Often Used Color)
4   Stackable Punch and Power Layers
15   Stackable Spotlight Layers
4   Stackable Gradient Layers – 2 Warm and 2 Cool
39   Stackable Layers 5ME Toolkit
11   Stackable Detail Layers
37   Stackable Temperature and Saturation Layers
19   Stackable Color Layers
15   Stackable Vignette Layers

Total: 155   Stackable Layers

22   Dodge and Burn Brushes
22   Color Brushes
19   Details Brushes
11   Hazy Effect Brushes
10   Landscape Brushes
12   Lighting Effect Brushes
36   Portrait Brushes

Total: 132   Brushes

Hanoi Street Orig - Badlands Bold


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