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For us, SmugMug is one of the best platforms out there to start or to advance a photography business. The wide array of features and its overall business-friendly approach meets your needs as a photographer and entrepreneur. It is almost perfect and it’s intricately designed to satisfy a very specific market. Moreover, all things considered, SmugMug is a somewhat inexpensive service that can fully be relied upon to create, for you the client, a niche in the highly competitive business of professional photography. Click here to check it out for yourself.

SmugMug is a relatively easy to use web-hosting service dedicated to serving photographers; especially those looking to sell their pictures online. Simply put, it is a sort of online gallery that gives you an unlimited data storage. Because of that, there is never a need to worry about how many photographs you may need to upload throughout the course of your career. The beauty of this feature is that high-quality photographs of high pixel density tend to consume a lot of data space, but this is no longer a factor where the photographer’s online data storage space is without limits. Additionally, SmugMug offers a variety of tools and capabilities which enhance the user’s versatility.  It concentrates extensive photo editing features to afford you a one-stop shop for all your photography needs. They have partnered with pic monkey to offer you these services. With such advantages in mind, it is easy to see how SmugMug can be used to support and even improve your online photography business.

Use SmugMug To Display Your Work

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The first and probably most important part of a successful business, any business, is branding. SmugMug lets you create a personal, customizable website where your works of art can be displayed in various ways. They offer multiple templates so you can customize your layouts any way you choose. By choosing a preferred design template, it is possible to customize the layout and decide how photographs on the site will be displayed. Furthermore, SmugMug ensures that their brand does not overpower your name and material with several large logos across the screen. The logo is restricted to the top of the page and the bottom as well as at the top of the checkout page. Additionally, the SmugMug brand name is included in the user’s custom URL by default. However, it can easily be removed using SmugMug’s built in Custom Domain’ option. The SmugMug logo appearing at the top can also be removed and the one appearing at the bottom can be shrunk to give the website a more personal feel. By minimally imparting their brand on users’ websites, and allowing you to reduce the SmugMug brand presence on the site even further, SmugMug provides you with the ultimate platform to advertise your brand and build a credible business. The minimal SmugMug brand presence attracted me the most. The need for uniqueness and brand presence in the photography business is paramount. Remember, the lack thereof could kill your business before it even has a chance.

Selling Your Work Using SmugMug

Sell Photos Using SmugMug

Another business-oriented feature provided by SmugMug is the ability to sell prints, online. By choosing from four photography labs, it is possible for your customers to pay for photographs on your custom website and then proceed to collect a hard copy from them. Most of the photography labs provide their services worldwide with only one, Loxley Colour, available exclusively in Europe. The four, which are Bay Photo, WHCC, EZ Prints and Loxley Colour are all trusted photo labs and are guaranteed to impress. One minor issue regarding the sale of prints is that it is not possible to sell unique prints such as acrylic through the above-mentioned photography labs. However, SmugMug provides a ‘Custom Printing’ option which you can include in a customized menu. From there customers seeking specialty products can reach you for details on how they would receive any of the other products.

Start A Blog To Work Alongside SmugMug

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It is not unusual for photographers to have a blog to boost their photography business, in fact, it is something of a norm. A blog in conjunction with SmugMug is a way to not only show your work but also to provide expert advice to other photographers and to sell products associated with the business through vendors like Amazon. This has proven to be a large part of our income along with our custom built presets and tool kits. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging sites out there. With SmugMug, it is possible to take full advantage of your WordPress site by providing a SmugMug for WordPress plug-in which allows clients to integrate their WordPress websites with the corresponding SmugMug website in a seamless manner. Perhaps one of the more distinct advantages of this feature is the ability to link the numerous photographs stored on SmugMug’s unlimited data storage service to your WordPress website. In addition to solving your online data storage needs, it enhances the efficiency of the WordPress site by reducing the total amount of time required to load a webpage. Besides, SmugMug automatically resizes and crops images uploaded to produce the picture in every possible size. This function means that you don’t have to resize and crop every image you need to post on a blog; however, you can simply copy the link to the photograph of suitable size and post it on the blog effectively reducing the workload and increasing efficiency. The plug-in also provides an added advantage by combining the SEO benefit of WordPress and the file sharing and image hosting capabilities of SmugMug which means that your photographs can reach more people, more quickly. You will find that this feature is extremely instrumental in expanding your reach to a broader market and consequently boosting your business even further. Click here to check it out for yourself.

One of the most important factors arising from online sharing of photographs is the ability to preserve photo quality. The existence of several different types of monitors on the market can significantly impact how photos are viewed. For example, some sites which offer image hosting and sharing services in a similar manner to SmugMug are incapable of maintaining photo quality especially on screens with very high pixel density, or the converse that is, screens with extremely low pixel density. However, SmugMug can preserve the sharpness of your photograph regardless of the screen’s pixel density on which the image is viewed thereby ensuring that the quality of your creation is never compromised.

Finally, SmugMug, unlike many of the other platforms is very easy to setup and use. While some of the more sophisticated features may take some time to get accustomed to, the core operations involved such as uploading photographs, organizing the layout and others like creating galleries are relatively simple even for a first-time user. For more complicated operations such as editing the website’s URL to make it more personalized can take a bit longer and may end up confusing you if you have never done it before. This is, however, not a problem given the efficiency and availability of the customer service provided. Their customer service is some of the best available and they are there 24 hours a day when any problems might arise.

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